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Maximise Your Fat Burning 24/7

Maximise Your Fat Burning 24/7

Burning fat is a 24/7 activity – or it should be. A lot of people only think about fat burning during their workouts, but the truth is you can do a lot to maximise it at other times too.

Here are some easy to use strategies to maximise fat burning throughout your entire day.

During Training

Most people spend too much workout time on inefficient exercises, spend too much time resting, and use ineffective training methods. A few simple changes can turn your slow burning workout into one that torches fat like a furnace. You’ll also get fitter and stronger, faster than ever before. These changes include:

  • Use compound exercises
  • Do full-body workouts
  • Do your strength training workout as a circuit
  • Superset all your exercises
  • Jump rope or hit the stationary bike between sets
  • Do interval training instead of steady-pace cardio
  • Do strength training before cardio
  • End your strength workouts with 5-10 minutes of intense cardio
  • Try fasted cardio with OxyShred, i.e. exercise on an empty stomach with a pre-workout kick
  • Leave your phone in your locker so you won’t be distracted from your workout

At Meal Times

What you eat and when you eat it can have an effect on fat burning. While your diet should be healthy, and must produce a calorie deficit to force your body to use fat for fuel, there are a few other mealtime tricks you can use to maximise fat burning:

  • Pre-prepare your meals so you have healthy food to eat at all times
  • Exercise before your main meal of the day to maximise insulin sensitivity
  • Eat spicy food such as chili or curry to increase thermogenesis
  • Drink a large glass of water 30-minutes before eating to reduce appetite
  • Eat protein at every meal to increase metabolic rate
  • Reduce your carb intake to lower insulin levels
  • Chew gum at the end of your meal to stop you from having seconds or a dessert
  • Eat from a smaller plate to make your meals look larger and more filling
  • Build each meal around protein, vegetables, and healthy fats
  • Replace 1-2 meals a day with an OxyWhey lean protein shake blended with healthy fats, e.g. almond butter or coconut oil

During the Day

Whether you are at work or school, there are lots of things you can do to keep your body burning fat at a faster rate than normal. As work or school can add up to eight or more hours of your day, this is a crucial time for fat burning that you cannot afford to ignore.

  • Walk whenever the opportunity arises. The more you walk, the more fat you’ll burn. Good opportunities include walking to and from work or school, walking to see colleagues and friends instead of emailing or phoning, go for a walk at lunch time, park your car on the far side of the car park and walk the rest of the way, and take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator
  • Stand up to take phone calls
  • Work at a standing desk
  • Have walking meetings instead of boardroom meetings
  • Have a workout at lunchtime
  • Eat a healthy, pre-prepared lunch to maintain your healthy eating diet
  • Have healthy snacks in your desk or locker in case of hunger emergencies
  • Break up long periods of sitting with brief periods of activity, e.g. a few reps of any bodyweight exercise

At Home

Once the day is done, it can be tempting to slob out in front of the TV, and relax. While you undoubtedly deserve a rest at the end of the day, vegging out on your sofa won’t do much to speed up fat loss. Change all that by putting these tips into action.

  • Go for a walk before or after dinner
  • Play sports with your kids, or play in your garden with your dog
  • Do some chores, e.g. gardening, wash your car, or DIY
  • Do set of squats or push-ups during commercial breaks on TV
  • Replace passive forms of entertainment with something more active, e.g. bowling
  • Do not eat while watching TV as you may end up eating more than you intended

While You Sleep

Sleep might be entirely passive, but it’s a crucial part of being healthy, and most people need between six to eight hours per night. However, just because it’s passive doesn’t mean you can’t rev up your metabolism while you sleep to burn some extra calories and fat.

  • Consume protein before bed to maximise fat loss and stabilise blood glucose levels
  • Turn down the temperature
  • Use a non-stim fat burner such as OxySleep
  • Reduce the size of your evening meal – eat more for breakfast and for lunch instead
  • Sleep in absolute darkness – light from lamps and electronic devices can disrupt production of melatonin, crucial for a good night's sleep and proper night time metabolism
  • Consume most of your carbs earlier in the day, and eat less before bedtime

Alone, each of these interventions will produce very small results. But, when you start adding them together, miracles happen! See how many of these metabolism-boosting tricks you can use in a day (there are more than 35 listed) to maximise fat loss and turn fat burning up to the max – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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