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OxyShred by EHPlabs has been incredibly popular due to the amazing results and effectiveness! Australia is absolutely loving OxyShred and customer’s have been loving the taste and delicious flavours! :) There is no denying it, OxyShred is like no other product on the market. It smells and tastes delicious, and is the best thermogenic fat burner on the market.

EHPlabs loves the customer feedback it has received on OxyShred and due to popular demand, EHPlabs has released OxyShred 2.0 which is a slightly smoother, tastier and stronger OxyShred! All flavours smell and taste even better than before!

Not only has the taste of OxyShred improved, but EHPlabs has also strengthened OxyShred by doubling the dosage of Higenamine (Norcoclaurine HCL) which is the ingredient that helps to contribute to the stimulation of stubborn fat cells. OxyShred is the only thermogenic fat burner on the supplement market with these levels of Higenamine.

For a full list of ingredients in OxyShred, please check out What’s in OxyShred? Have a question about OxyShred? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.


Read what our customers from Help For Fitness are saying about OxyShred

Hey Angeli,
Im going great. I have my neighbour and my work mate on OxyShred now because they are motivated cos I have lost 14kg now and still going.
Thanks for all your help.

Jackie from Burdell, QLD

Hey, thanks for your email Angeli. Yes i have received my oxyshred thanks for that, the taste is amazing got the Kiwi Strawberry flavour :) First day i tried it i felt absolutely energise which made me work harder during my workout, i also felt less hungry during the day so yeah so far so good. Really happy with the product at the moment. Currently on day 4. Will keep you up to date after my 30days. Thanks,

Scott from Boronia, VIC

Hi Angeli,

Yes I have received my oxyshred! Started it on Saturday, love the flavour! I have weighed myself and taken measurements so will see how I go on it. So far so good, I’ve read really good reviews on it. I will definitely be ordering from you again, Thank you for the great customer service!

Stephanie from Glenroy, VIC

Hi Angeli,
I am absolutely loving my OxyShred!!!! I have definitely lost some cms of stubborn fat on my stomach! Can’t wait for more results! Thanks so much.

Adriana from Hawthorn, VIC

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