OxyShred & Acetyl L-Carnitine Pack

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Improve the fat burning effect and accelerate your results by adding pharmeceutical grade Acetyl L-Carnitine to your OxyShred pack. 100 serves of pure Acetyl just may be the game changer:

  • Proven to help your body lose fat.
  • Improve brain performance.
  • Increases OxyShred mobilization.

If your having problem finding a pack to solve your weight loss dilemma OxyShred & Acetyl L-Carnitine is an excellent MAK suggestion. 

Not only is OxyShred one of the most popular fat burner's in the world, it also has a variance of flavours your sure to love:

Mango - A tangy fruit flavour generally more popular with those of us who don't like a sweet spike at the end of the taste.

Passionfruit - An amazing tropical mix, the fruitier side of the taste pyramid.

Kiwi Strawberry - If you love strawberry this flavour is sure to please, a soft pinch of kiwi fruit in each mouthful. Certainly more on the strawberry side.

Pink Grapefruit - Somehow the cross between a sweet orange and a very faintly bitter pomelo.

Guava Paradise - One of the most popular flavours in the range, said to taste like a mix of pear and strawberry.

Wild Melon - This flavour is soft much like canary melon.

Customer Reviews

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Very good

It works the way it says

Great Price and Flavours

Love OxyShred. Good pricing , love that you had all flavours available... next to try oxysleep.


Love it! Tastes great too


I drifted away from Oxyshred for about a year and I am so happy I made the decision to come back. I love the flavours and how there is no come down.
Also Mak fitness and their delivery process was quick and really done well even over the busy periods. Good job guys!

Oxy shred review

I am a mum of 3 little ones and I needed something to give me some help with losing weight and boost my energy. I have only been using oxy shred for a week and I have noticed huge results especially in my energy levels. Before I was struggling to get out of bed and to get through the simple tasks in the day. Now I feel great when I wake up in the morning and I have the energy to get through my normal tasks aswell as tackle those tasks I've been putting off for months. I feel less bloated and know it's a matter of time before I lose weight aswell!! I've not even got an exercise program yet but this is giving me the energy and momentum to begin. Thank you!!