Enhanced Shred Stack

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The Enhanced Shred Stack is the ultimate combination of premium quality, strong and effective fitness nutrition supplements by EHPlabs to assist you in building lean muscle, burning fat and getting shredded.

The Enhanced Shred Stack will ensure that your body is taken to a new level of thermogenesis (natural fat cell breakdown), which is then utilized and converted into natural non-jittery balanced energy.  The Enhanced Shred Stack will also ensure that you maintain sufficient protein intake for growth and repair of lean muscle tissue and branched chain amino acids for faster recovery of your muscles to prevent muscle tissue breakdown during the process of fat cell breakdown.

If you’re training hard and eating right, the Enhanced Shred Stack will give you edge in getting shredded.  You will experience a lift in metabolic activity and lipolysis, endurance, reduction in muscle soreness and improved muscle repair and recovery time.

The Enhanced Shred Stack includes:

  1. OxyShred Thermogenic
  2. Acetyl L-Carnitine
  3. Beyond BCAA
  4. OxyWhey Lean Protein

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Would like to see this product tested and badges safe for drug tested athletes